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At Active Profile, we believe that the best measure of success is growth. We’ve helped countless clients become bigger and better, using the right mix of PR and marketing to help them reach their business goals. We specialise in innovation and place – and we really know our stuff – so our strategies and stories hit home with the people that matter.


Effective marketing always starts with the right strategy. Period. We’ve learned this helping a wide range of businesses, from cutting-edge tech outfits to leading property and regeneration organisations, market themselves to very different audiences.


Growth businesses can use PR to attract the right people and raise brand awareness. We know exactly how to work out which stories will make the biggest impact, and where they should be told to reach the people who matter.

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Communications for scale-up businesses

Delivering communications for a fast-growing business has its own set of challenges. This guide provides expert guidance about PR and marketing for scale-ups.

Introduction to placemaking

Effective Placemaking Communications For Your Mixed-Use Development, Volume 1: Explore provides an introduction to placemaking.

Effective placemaking communications

Effective Placemaking Communications For Your Mixed-Use Development, Volume 2: Create explains how to deliver PR and marketing for placemaking projects.

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