Communications Strategy

Using PR and marketing to achieve business goals

  • Develop a strategic comms approach to drive your business forward
  • Identify your audiences and target them through the right channels
  • Improve performance continually with data-driven planning

What can it do for you?

For your business to achieve its goals, your PR and marketing activity must be designed to help it do so. An effective communications strategy identifies, plans and delivers the right activity for your business.


What challenges does it solve?

A business’ communications strategy should start with its business strategy. By identifying the aims of the business, ineffective activity, bloated budgets and poor overall performance can all be avoided in favour of logically planned, efficiently executed and effectively delivered activity that drives growth.


How do we do it for you?

To develop the right communications strategy for your business, we first have to understand the business itself. Through research, discussions and workshops we build up a clear picture of your business’ current situation, where it wants to be and what activity will get you there. Your strategy will cover everything from your offer, positioning, brand, audiences and tech stack, to your PR and marketing tactics.