Marketing Personas

Finding your target audiences

  • Identify your best and your ideal customers
  • Build a deep understanding of your target personas
  • Draw out actionable insights from your persona research


What can it do for you?

You need to have an in depth understanding of who you should be targeting and how you should be targeting them. Marketing personas build up a picture of your target audiences with thorough research.


What challenges does it solve?

Lots of businesses think they know who their target audiences are but have never done the research. Even if you’re close to being right, you can always learn more about who you should be targeting and how to reach them. If you’re not close, you’re aiming your comms at the wrong people and losing sales as a result.


How do we do it for you?

To begin with, we look at who your best customers are and identify what their common traits are. We look at who your ideal customers are too and see how they differ. Then, it’s a case of answering a bank of detailed questions through desk research, questionnaires and interviews, helping to build a comprehensive picture of your main target audiences and drawing out insight about how best to reach them.