Finding your niche

  • Identify your motivating factors and unique selling points
  • Find the unoccupied gap in the market that you can fill
  • Develop language to communicate your brand position


What can it do for you?

To be successful, businesses, products and services need to have clear propositions. Positioning identifies what makes you appeal to target customers and stand out from your competitors.


What challenges does it solve?

If you don’t know what your place in the market is, neither do the people you’re trying to sell to. Poor positioning means you’ll end up trying to sell the wrong things to the wrong people. Ultimately, your comms won’t work as well as it should and you’ll lose out on sales.


How do we do it for you?

Identifying the right market position for your business requires informed research and creative thinking. First, we pull together the motivating factors for your target customers and we explore the most common and compelling reasons that customers use your service. Then, we research the market positions of competitors and find the spaces in the market that can be filled. Finally, we develop a unique, compelling and demonstrable positioning statement that can be developed into brand language and key messaging.