Give your audiences something to watch

  • Identify where your communications could be enhanced with video
  • Craft scripts and visuals that capture imagination
  • Put your videos in the right places for the right people


What can it do for you?

When you’re communicating a message, you need your target audience to take notice. Video is convenient, compelling and engaging, commanding audience attention more than any other medium.


What challenges does it solve?

Text, images and audio all have their place in the communications mix, but they must be used flawlessly, or their one-dimensionality leaves them open to audience distraction. The multisensory nature of video not only maintains attention to a greater extent, but also makes it a more efficient storytelling device than any other.


How do we do it for you?

To create effective video content, whether as individual pieces of as part of a broader strategy, we first develop a strong understanding of your goals, the messaging you need to convey and your target audiences. From here, and using your brand as a platform from which to build, we can identify the elements that need to be included, craft narratives and storyboards that talk to your audiences and work with you through the editing process to create compelling, effective video.

Here’s what we offer:

  • ‘Self-shooting’ Video Basics Training Session (small groups)
  • PR / editorial content on a monthly retainer basis (basic or extended)
  • Additional filming hours
  • Additional editing hours