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Active Profile has worked with SPARK Impact for six years during which time the investor managed the £30m North West Fund for Biomedical (NWF4B). Now fully invested, NWF4B was jointly financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the European Investment Bank and available to SMEs in the North West to support their start-up, development and growth.

From cancer drug research to early tests for Alzheimer’s, SPARK Impact invested in a broad mix of biomedical start-ups with world-changing potential.

As the fund approached its final stages, a more targeted communications campaign was required that would help position SPARK Impact for future fund management opportunities.

We created and executed an integrated campaign to promote SPARK’s portfolio companies, whilst also positioning the team as highly experienced and credible fund managers. Through a diverse mix of PR, content marketing and social media, our activity brought to life the SPARK Impact story and created content that supported the business as it looked for new opportunities, such as the £50m Isle of Man Enterprise Development Scheme (EDS) which SPARK Impact was appointed to manage earlier this year.

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  • Positioned fund manager Dr Andy Round for commentary around healthcare devolution in Greater Manchester Business Week and on a North West Business Insider panel.
  • Set up an interview with the Financial Times on funding with a SPARK angel investor.
  • Showcased four ‘shining stars’ from the SPARK portfolio as case studies, including a magazine feature on cancer diagnostic device Zilico.
  • Secured extensive press coverage online and print in regional, trade and national media including Times North, Businessdesk and Laboratory News.
  • Stories included Evgen’s drug breakthrough in breast cancer and a number of businesses receiving £1.1m in follow on funding.
  • Delivered a social media campaign on Twitter targeting key stakeholder followers- resulting in an 83 per cent follower increase and nearly 1000 profile visits.

What the client said…

“Active Profile has been instrumental in raising our profile as the manager of the North West Fund for Biomedical. The team is energetic, full of ideas and keen to find opportunities – from reactive media commentary and features to events to attend and speak at. The press coverage has been excellent and has played an important part of raising our profile in the region and beyond to help build up our credibility as one of the UK’s leading investors. It also helps that the team is well connected to the region’s business networks and really understands the entrepreneur and the complexities of the funding process.”

Louise Clancy, operations manager, SPARK Impact Limited