Who they are

Sensor City is a global hub for the development of sensor and IoT technologies. It provides ambitious businesses with the support, expertise and state-of-the-art equipment they need to meet their growth aspirations.


marketing qualified leads over 3 months


conversion rate from lead to qualified lead


increase in newsletter sign ups

The project

Sensor City has always had a strong presence within Liverpool City Region and the SME community. However, keen to continue to grow its community and finely tune its support offering, Sensor City approached Active Profile to help it repackage its product offering and develop a strategy to raise its profile to generate leads in its targeted industries.


  • - To drive traffic to the Sensor City website and a suite of landing pages
  • - To use the guide to target new businesses that had not heard of sensor city via LinkedIn
  • - To increase conversion of guide downloads pages
  • - To remarket to warm leads to convert them into Sensor City members
  • - To raise national awareness of Sensor City and its offering and expertise within the IoT industry
  • - Increase social media engagement and website traffic

We needed to quickly launch a campaign that generated inbound leads. Active Profile took us through a process and created a valuable set of content and a set of propositions that we were able to communicate and test. We are a small busy team at Sensor City and Active Profile was able to create, design and deliver an approach for us with impressive results.

Dr Joanne Phoenix – Sensor City

The solution

We developed a two-stage growth marketing campaign plan. The initial stage leveraged Sensor City’s strongest assets, including its technical offering, and expert knowledge, to help us develop a free Guide to IoT Adoption, aimed at SMEs, which gave them insight into Sensor City’s capabilities for helping businesses. In addition, we held workshops with Sensor City to identify its key personas in order to develop and deliver tailored product packages for specific businesses.

The second stage involved working with our marketing team to nurture all of the digital marketing leads that were generated as a result of our key target audience downloading the guide and to generate more qualified leads in order to build a marketing audience that we could be remarketed to in order to drive up brand awareness, loyalty and to ultimately move our leads through the marketing funnel. In tandem with this, we developed a marketing & comms, plan which leveraged the content and stats from the guide to create engaging PR content used across a range of platforms, including web and social media.

The result

We generated 153 marketing qualified leads over 3 months, with a conversion rate from lead to qualified lead of 65%. As a result of the marketing activity carried out, Sensor city has seen an increase of 45% in new website users, with an overall increase of 43%. At the same time, organic website leads increased by 39%. On days where marketing campaign activity was taking place, there was a 39% increase in guide conversion rates whilst product conversions increased by 26%. Sensor City also experienced a 16% increase in newsletter sign ups during the campaign period.

Over the course of the campaign we achieved 14 pieces of coverage in key industry and regional business titles such as The Manufacturer, IoT Now and Business Cloud. The 2020 Guide to IoT Adoption was also featured at Digital Manufacturing Week and during an interview that was set up with Manufacturing and Engineering UK magazine. In addition to the media outreach and PR coverage, we repurposed website copy and developed an ongoing content calendar to support the campaign.