Media Relations

Shaping the media agenda

  • Identify and working with the right media outlets
  • Liaise with journalists to secure coverage and provide info
  • Develop strong ongoing relationships with key outlets


What can it do for you?

To get the word out about your business, products or services you need to find the best outlets for exposure, shape coverage, work closely with journalists and develop long-lasting relationships.


What challenges does it solve?

Simply sending out press releases doesn’t result in amazing coverage. If you want more focused, detailed coverage, or to find the best fitting opportunities, or to be first in mind when journalists need comments or expert insight, you have to work to develop the right relationships.


How do we do it for you?

Understanding what you need to achieve with your coverage is key. From here, we can identify which outlets are most suited to your business, products or services. By developing relationships with those outlets and their journalists, we can maximise the quality of your coverage, find out about the best upcoming opportunities for coverage and position you as an authority within your industry. As a PR agency, we’ve been carrying out media relations for 17 years’, so you can trust that we really know our stuff.