PR Strategy

Getting the word out

  • Identify and working with the right media outlets
  • Position coverage and features in front of the right audiences
  • Find speaking opps, events and partnerships to raise awareness


What can it do for you?

It doesn’t matter how great your business, products or services are if no-one knows about them. PR identifies the people you need to speak to and how you can go about reaching them.


What challenges does it solve?

Most business know that PR is used to raise profile, but lots don’t know how to do it. You might not know who to target or how to target them, what makes something newsworthy for your audience or how to go about dealing with the media. A strategic approach to PR brings all of this together.


How do we do it for you?

The first thing we need to do is understand what you’re trying to achieve as a business. Once we know this, we can identify what supporting comms activities you’ll need. It might be raising your profile in national outlets, targeting nearby businesses through local media, or face-to-face contact through events and speaker slots. By developing key themes and messages, we can deliver all of this as a planned pipeline of activity with predictable results.