Reputation Management

Keeping things under control

Let's work together
  • Manage comms when problems arise
  • Field enquiries from press and media
  • Liaise with stakeholders for the best outcome


What can it do for you?

When things go wrong, you can’t afford to handle them badly. Reputation management seeks to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved, while protecting your reputation.


What challenges does it solve?

Today, more than ever, brands can fall foul of problems that arise. Social media means you can be held to account instantly and publicly for even minor issues, while big issues can cause serious damage to your reputation.


How do we do it for you?

First, we need to understand what your needs are and what the most obvious problems that might occur are. With that info, we develop a protocol that is put in place when something does happen. That might involve informing all staff not to talk to the media or setting up a hotline. We liaise with key parties throughout the process until it is resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.